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Our Fees

Full Day Care Fees:

5 Days€867.00€200.00€40.00
4 Days€693.00€160.00€40.00
3 Days€520.00€120.00€40.00
2 Days€346.00€80.00€40.00

Sessional Day Care: 3hrs

5 Days€455.00€105.00€7.00
4 Days€364.00€84.00€7.00
3 Days€273.00€63.00€7.00
2 Days€182.00€42.00€7.00

Sessional Day Care: 4hrs

5 Days€606.00€140.00€7.00
4 Days€485.00€112.00€7.00
3 Days€364.00€84.00€7.00
2 Days€242.00€56.00€7.00

Afterschool Care:

 Per WeekPer Hour
5 Days€95.00€7.00
4 Days€80.00€7.00
3 Days€60.00€7.00
2 Days€40.00€7.00

Funded Schemes

ECCE – The Early Childhood Care & Education
Every child can receive up to two free preschool years before they start in Primary School.

Fees FAQ