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Baby & Toddler Room

Kids Kottage provides baby and toddler childcare facilities suitable for little ones aged from 7 months up to two years old. Our childcare facilities for babies and toddlers operate from our Westmeath Childcare Centre and is open from Monday to Friday from 8am-5:30pm, offering full and part-time day-care options for parents.
Here at Kids Kottage we pride ourselves on offering a comfortable and relaxed home away from home for your children, curating a dedicated range of fun activities in a calm environment to support development at all ages. Our baby and toddler room is staffed by fully-qualified childcare workers with staff with level 8 degrees in early childhood education to give you peace of mind that your children are being looked after with cared for.

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Our Baby & Toddler Room Facilities Include

  • Range of Activities to Support Development at All Stages

  • “Home Away From Home” Environment

  • Meals, Drinks & Bottles Provided

  • Naptime Facilities

  • Staffed By Early Childhood Education Professionals

  • Focus on Play-Based Activities

  • Focus on Inclusivity

  • Plenty of Social Stimulation

  • Indoor & Outdoor Play Areas

  • Updates to Parents via Child Paths App

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Baby & Toddler Room FAQ